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Conference Program'15

2015 IEEE NW Russia Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Conference
Conference Program
Venue: St.Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”
5 Prof. Popov street, St.Petersburg, Russia

February 2, 2015 Building 5, Conference Hall

09-45 - 10-00 Registration of  perticipants


Welcome from the IEEE Russia North West Section and Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”

1. V. Kutuzov, S. Shaposhnikov
Role of the IEEE in Developing Engineers of the Future
2. A. Mikerov
From the History of Electrical Engineering IV: Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory and its Experimental Confirmation

Session 1. Micro&Nano Electronics
Session Chair – Dr. D. Kholodnyak
1. O. Aleksandrova,  L. Matyushkin,  V. Moshnikov, O. Ryzhov A Flow Reactor for Synthesis of Nanoparticles with a System of Optical Diagnostics
2. M. Andreev,  I.  Lamkin,  S. Tarasov,  I.  Mikhailov, A. Solomonov
Ohmic and Rectifying Contacts for Ultraviolet Photodiode Based on AlGaN Solid Solutions
3. P. Baranov, O. Drak А New Color Filter Array with High Light Sensitivity and High Resolution Properties
4. S. Dubrovskiy,  K. Gareev Measurement Method for Detecting Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of Composite Materials at Microwave Frequencies
5. A. Evseenkov, S. Tarasov, I. Lamkin, A. Solomonov, S. Kurin
The Efficiency of UV LEDs Based on GaN/AlGaN Heterostructures
6. I. Lamkin, M. Andreev, S. Tarasov, A. Solomonov, S. Kurin
AlGaN Photodiodes for UVC, UVB and UVA Spectral Ranges
7. D. Lukyanov,  S. Shevchenko,  A. Kukaev,  E. Filippova,  M. Khivrich
The Use of Quartz Packaging for SAW-Based Sensors
8. D.Romanovskiy, A.  Solomonov,  S.  Tarasov, I.  Lamkin, G. Galiev, S. Pushkarev
Low Temperature Photoluminescence and Photoreflectance of Metamorphic HEMT Structures with High Mole Fraction of In
9. M.Vinogradov, V. Barchenko
Measurement of the Gas Permeation through the Composite Materials

Coffee break

Session 2. Information & Computer Science
Session Chair – Prof. D. Puzankov
1. V. Andreev,  D. Butusov,  A. Karimov, T. Karimov
Automation Design of Digital Systems with Parallel Architecture
2. Ya. Bekeneva , N. Shipilov, K. Borisenko, A. Shorov
Simulation of DDoS-attacks and Protection Mechanisms Against Them
3. D. Butusov, V. Ostrovskii, A.Tutueva
Simulation of Dynamical Systems Based on Parallel Numerical Integration Methods
4. A. Dyumin, L. Puzikov,  M. Rovnyagin, G. Urvanov, I. Chugunkov
Cloud Computing Architectures for Mobile Robotics
5. A. Kamenskih, S. Tyurin
Advanced Approach to Development of Energy-Aware and Naturally Reliable Computing Systems
6. A. Khachaturian
Multiple Access Interference of Spectral – Efficient CDMA Signatures

7. I. Kholod Framework for Multi Threads Execution of Data Mining Algorithms

13-00 – 13-45 Lunch

13-45  Building 5, Conference Hall
Session 2. Information & Computer Science (cont’d)

8. D. Klionskiy,  D. Kaplun,  A. Voznesenskiy, V. Gulvanskiy,  M. Kupriyanov
Digital Filter Bank Implementation and Signal Classification on the basis of CUDA
9. S. Kuzmin New Performance Measures in Object Detection
10. V. Lukin, V.Yaschenko A Parametric Bootstrap Method of Computation of Control Limits of Charts for Skewed Distributions
11. D. Samokhvalov, F. Statsenko Сomputational Speed-up of Numerical Differentiation of Resolver Signals
12. A. Tamazian,  M. Bogachev
Analytical and Numerical Estimates of the Weibull/M/1 and Weibull/Weibull/1 Queues Efficiency

15-00 – 15-15 Break

Session 3. Communications
Session Chair – Dr. S. Shaposhnikov
1. A. Antonov, G. Kostikov, L. Lubina, V. Savelev, M. Sugak
Experimental Investigations of Planar Millimeter-Wave Antenna Array
2. A.Bagazhov Hardware-Software Complex Testing Receivers of the Automatic Identification System
3. A. Chipegin, A. Tsypkin Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Self-Referential Method for Determination the Quadratic Phase Modulation Coefficient for Ultrashort Optical Pulses
4. A. Feshin Development of Models to Study the Influence of the Effect of Radiation of Electromagnetic Energy Near Inhomogeneities Lines on the Wave Processes
5. J. C. Montesdeoca Contreras, R. S. Ávila Campoverde, J.A. Morales Garcia Audio Noise Canceler Using Adaline Network in Adaptive Filter Configuration
6. I. Rumyancev Efficient Amplification Techniques for Signals with High PAPR

16-30 – 16-45 Break

Session 4. Biomedical Engineering
Session Chair – Prof. Z. Yuldashev
1. C. M. Córdova-Villarreal, J. C. Montesdeoca-Contreras, R. S. Ávila-Campoverde,J. A. Morales-Garcia
Study and Design of Biped Robot of Ten DOF for Stability Analysis in Walking Process
2. M. Duka (Tsurkan),  N. Balbekin, O. Smolyanskaya, E. Sobakinskaya,  A.Panin,V. Vaks Сharacterization of DNA Absorption Lines in the Terahertz Range
3. M. Ivanova, A. Glazova Nebulizer Improvement for Children Suffering from Bronchial Asthma
4. J. V. Montesdeoca-Contreras, C. A. Paltán-Zhingre, T. F. Muñoz-Cuenca, J. I. Fajardo-Seminario, L. M. López-López, D. R. Lasso-Lazo Study of Natural Fibers as Filler in a Polymeric Matrix to Make Environment Friendly Materials
5. J. C. Montesdeoca-Contreras, A. C. Villa Parra , R.S. Ávila-Campoverde, J. A. Morales-Garcia Implementation Results of Biosignals Acquisition Lessons for Biomedical Engineering Lab
6. N. Pyko, S. Pyko, O. Markelov, M. Bogachev Systolic Blood Pressure and Pulse Intervals Synchronization

February 3, 2015 Building 5, Conference Hall


Session 5. Electrical Engineering &Automation
Session Chair – Dr. S. Shaposhnikov
1. Aouiche Abdelaziz,  Pr.Bouttout Farid Noise Elimination of Nonlinear Systems Using Takagi-Sugeno Model
2. N. Belyaev,  N. Korovkin, V. Chudny, O. Frolov
Reduction of Active Power Losses in Electric Power Systems with Optimal Placement of FACTS Devices
3. A. Boronahin, Yu. Filatov, D. Larionov, L. Podgornaya, R. Shalymov Measurement System for Railway Track Condition Monitoring
4. А. Dolinina Macromodeling of Electronic Circuits Based on Model Order Reduction
5. N. Dobroskok, O. Kurdyaeva
Magnetic Noise Reduction in Field Oriented Controlled Induction Machine
6. Ye. Filatova,  D. Filatov, A. Stotckaia,  G. Dubrovskiy
Time Series Dynamics Representation Model of Power Consumption in Electric Load Forecasting System
7. Yu.Filatov, P.Korolev, A.Utushkina, A.Tsareva
Measuring Channel with Automatic Correction Data Conversion
8. Yu.Filatov, E. Shalymov, V. Venediktov
Advantages of Phase Measurements in Microoptical Gyro

Coffee break

9. S. Galunin, Yu. Blinov, A. Volchkov, B. Nacke, A. Nikanorov
3 D Modelling of Rotational Field for Stirring of Molten Metal
10. A. Gorodilov Automatic Synthesis of Combinational Circuits Set For the Purposes of FPGA Reconfiguration Within the Model of Partial Failures of Logic Elements
11. F. Helling, S. Götz, A. Singer, T. Weyh
Fast Modular Multilevel Series/Parallel Converter for Direct-Drive Gas Turbines
12. Huo Yingjie,  Wang Tiangang, Zhang An, Zhang Xuelin, Chen H., Ma X.
Optimization Analysis of Moving Magnet Motor for Stirling Cryocooler
13. V. Khramshin, S. Evdokimov, А. Nikolaev, A. Karandaev
Monitoring Technical State of the Power Transformers is a Necessary Condition of the Smart-Grid Technolgy Introduction within the Industrial Electric Networks
14. V. Khramshin, A. Evdokimov, S. Evdokimov,  A. Karandaev
Development and Industrial Introduction of Systems for Monitoring Technical State of the Rolling Mills' Electrical Equipment
15. N. Korovkin, S. Ionin,  A. Adalev
Performance of Transient Analysis of Electric Circuits by Means of Synthetic Circuits Approach
16. N. Korovkin, V. Goncharov, N. Silin
Influence of EMF Induced by Currents of Overhead Lines on RMS Value of Ice-Melting Current

13-00 – 13-45 Lunch

17. T. Kuzmina,  G. Dubrovskiy
Neural Network Control System for a Tracked Robot
18. A. Maklakov, A. Radionov
EMC Evaluation of Three Level NPC Converter Based on Space Vector PWM
19. John A. Morales,  Patricia Gavela, Nelson Morales, Julio C. Montesdeoca
Electromagnetic Fields Simulation on Distribution Feeders
20. M. Odintsov, K. Gerasimenko, D. Akimov Application of Multiobjective Optimization Methods for Improving of Power System Static Stability
21. I. Piatak, D. Morozov, M. Pilipko
Digitally Assisted Low-Power Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converters
22. N. Polyakhov, A. Bespalov
Time Series Evaluation Methods of System Dynamics
23. V. Putov, A. Putov, V. Kazakov, T. Rusyaeva, M. Kopichev
On Improving the Efficiency of Methods and Technical Solutions of Prelanding Air Field Coatings Frictional Properties Control
24. V. Putov, A. Putov, K. Ignatiev,  E. Belgradskaya, M. Kopichev
Autonomous Three-Wheeled Robot with Computer Vision System
25. V. Putov,  A. Putov,  A. Stotckaia,  E. Druian, K. Ignatiev
On the Efficiency of Adaptive Control Systems of Nonlinear Control Object with the Uncertainties and Incomplete Measuring


26. D. Samokhvalov, S. Stolyarov, A. Kekkonen The Hybrid Stepper Motor Modeling in Simulink
27. M. Shestopalov, Ju. Korablev, D. Savelyev
Instrumental Tools for Design and Development of Technical Objects’ Fault Tolerant Control Systems
28. Weilong Huang, He Cheng, Kun Liang, H. Chen, X. Ma, X. Wang, Y. Huo
A Novel Flux Detection Design for Switched Reluctance Motor
29. Zhou Yang, Y. Huo,  He Cheng , Weilong Huang, H. Chen , X. Ma, X. Wang
DsPIC30F6010A for 12/8 Switched Reluctance Motor
30. Zhou Yang, Y. Huo,  He Cheng, Weilong Huang , H. Chen, X. Ma, X. Wang
Research on the Switched Reluctance Motor Drive System
31. Xin Deng, Y. Huo, Qing Wang, Renming Zhao, H. Chen, X. Ma, X. Wang
Design of Switched Reluctance Generator System for Wind Power Maximization
32. Xin Deng, Y. Huo, Qing Wang, Renming Zhao, H. Chen, X. Ma, X. Wang
Development of a Compact 60kW Three-phase Asymmetry Half-bridge Power Convertor with Specifically Designed Busbar for Switched Reluctance Machines
33. N. Zaskalnyuk, V. Putov, T. Rusyaeva, M. Kopichev, K. Ignatiev
Elevator Car Resilient Oscillations Suppression Control System

TEP Section
Session Chair – Dr. Yu. Sepp
1. D. Larionov
Brief review of memory devices evolution
2. E. Liashenko
Turbo generator brush-contact apparatus humidification system
3. M. Vladimirov
Building management system
4. L. Minzaripova
Numerical simulation of induction system for electromagnetic stirring of molten metal
5. A. Lyamitchev
Automation of air preparation system
6. N. Everstov
The principle of satellite navigation system
7. N. Ivanova
Lasers and their application in the media industry
8. Yu. Tsupikov
Control engineering and robotics
9. Cr. Bespalova
3D printing of internal organs

Closing of the Conference

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