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Next Conference Program

2014 IEEE NW Russia Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Conference

Conference Program



Venue: St.Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”

5 Prof. Popov street, St.Petersburg, Russia

February 3, 2014       Building 5, room 5226


Welcome from the IEEE Russia North West Section and St.Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”

1. Electromagnetism Discovery and its Fundamental Laws in the First Half of 19-th Century


2. Pseudorandom Numbers Generators Quality Assessment using Graphical Tests

I. Chugunkov, Rami Muleys

3. Luminescence of Silver Molecular Clusters and Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Spectral Radiation Conversion in Photonic Devices

D.Agafonova, A.Sidorov, D.Gimaldinov

4. Development of a System for Noninvasive Cuffless Estimation of Blood Pressure

A.Anisimov, A.Ananyeva

5. Development of the Glucose Level in the Blood Monitoring System

A.Anisimov, A.Grigorash

6. Toy Manufacturing as a Part of Engineering Education

I.Pavlovskaya, M.Balashova

Coffee break

7. Spectroscopic Observation of Plasma

Rifkat Bulaculoy

8. PEMFC Voltage Control Using PSO-Turning of a PID Controller


9. Dynamically Improvement of Transmission Power Systems Using UPFC, based on ANFIS Controller


10. Frequency Converters for Marin Drives

I. Gagarinov

11. Application of Iterative Software Development Methodologies for Reducing Service Quality Gaps


12. The Choice of Capacitor DC Link Two-Element Frequency Converter with Voltage Inverter

F.Gel’ver, V.Samosenko

13-00 Lunch

14-00  Building 5, room 5226

13. Dynamic Estimation of Power System Stability in Different Kalman Filter Implementations

Goh Hui Hwang

14. Application of FCT-Element to Increase Reliability

A.Kamensky, S.Turin

15. A Multilevel Inverter for Synchronizing the Grid with Renewable Energy Sources by Implementing Battery CUM DC-DC Converter

Karunya Christobal Lydia S, A.Shanmugasundari

16. Video Compression for Panoramic Video Surveillance Systems


17. Capacitive Designs of RFMEMS Switches Using Ultra-Nano-Crystalline Diamond Films

A.Lebedeva, G.Alagashev

18. System Approach in Higher Education. Why Can the System Produce Unpredictable Results and How to Cope with It?


Coffee break

19. Analysis Work of Magnetron by Shape the Anode Current

V.Ivanov, K.Rogozhin, D.Sidorenko

20. Identification of Train Wagon Numbers

Sanver Ufik

21. Antenna Array of the Millimeter-Wave with a Dielectric Distribution and Radiating System

A.Antonov, M.Afanasyev, V.Savelyev, M.Sugak

22. Investigation of Sensitive and Restoring Parametersfor Nanostractured Al O Based Humidity Sensors


23. Protecting RFID System from External Environment


24. Smart Meter Incopearting UWB Technology

Tahla Ali Khan

February 4, 2014       Building 5, room 5226


25. Hybrid Stepper Motor and its Controller Techniques: a Survey

Tahla Ali Khan

26. An Enhanced Harmony  Search (ENHS) Algorithm for Optimization Problems

Tahla Ali Khan

27. Basic Principle Measurement  of Frequency-Resonance Method by Nonlinear Micromechanical Transformer

V.Kalionov, A.Korlyakov, A.Vaigashev

28. Development and Testing of an Actuator for Biosensor System with Magnetic Liquid as Working Body


29. Application of Poliphase Filterbanks to Wideband Monitoring Tasks

D.Kaplun, D.Klionsky, V.Gul’vansky, A.Voznesensky

30. Fluorescent Label Based on Cd/Se/ZnS Quantum Dots Printer

A.Zlatov, V.Polyschuk, A.Baranov

31. Calculation of Antenna Based on the Fractal Skins

D.Babichev, V.Tupik, A.Selujanova

Cofee break

32. Smart-House Projects


33. Main Direct Drive Versus Geared Drive Features


34. Bridge Construction Technologies

Ja. Murykin

35. Electroencephalography (EEG): a Device and Main Features


36. Carbon Nanotubes


37. First Tunable Diamond Raman Laser Developed


38. Study Nanohybrid Composites Based on a Porous Silicon



39. 3D Printing


40. Error Coding. The Decoding Algorithm of Polar Codes by Successive Elimination with Directed Search


41. Design and Analysis of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Systems


42. Research Designs of LDPC Codes Based on Matrix Transformations


43. The Main Characters Recognition in the Task of Movie Annotation


44. Wind Turbines


45. Plug-in Cars


46. Autonomous Control and Stabilization System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


47. Wi-Fi Technology


Closing of the Conference

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