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Proceedings Vol.3 List of Content


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1.​ From the History of Electrical Engineering: Electricity and Magnetism in Old, Middle Ages and Renaissance. A. Mikerov


1.​ On the Evolution of Criteria for Engineering Degree Programs Accreditation S.Shaposhnikov

Radio Engineering

1.​ Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of the Multi-Band Radar Complex for Environmental Monitoring. V. Kutuzov, S. Kalenitchenko, A. Popov, V. Veremjev, A. Konovalov, A. Barkhatov,V. Mikhaylov

2. Phase and Frequency Offset Blind Estimation for QAM Signals Using Harmonic and Biharmonic Circular Decomposition. A. Petrov, A. Sergienko

Computer Science and Information Technologies

1. A Program Complex for Calculation, Simulation and Tuning of Analytical and Neural Network Adaptive Control Systems. V. Kazakov, E. Anushina , E. Druian, V. Lebedev

2.​ Diagnostics of Technical Systems using Fuzzy Clustering Methods. A. Alexeev, Ju. Popova, M. Shestopalov, Ju. Korablev

3. Development of Diagnostic Models for FTCS. M. Shestopalov, Yu. Korablev

Industrial Electronics

1. Prevention of Low-Inertia Induction Motors Stalling Using Local Voltage Support by Photovoltaics.Yu. Chistyakov, A. Mozalev, K. Netreba, E. Kholodova, V. Sharipov

2.​ A Mathematical Model of an Electromechanical Test Rig with a Drum Imitator of Motion for Electromechanical Drivers of Wheel Transport. V.Putov, V.Sheludko, E. Druian, A. Putov , V. Lebedev

3.​ A Method for Estimation of Vibration Activity in a System of Electrical Switchboards Conductive Elements. Yu. Sepp, K. Leonikhine

4. Direct and Indirect Adaptive Control Systems of Induction Electric Drives with Elastic and Nonlinear Properties. V.Sheludko, V. Putov, Kiem Chien Nguyen, A. Putov, V. Lebedev

5.​ Aircraft Steering Actuators: State and Prospects. D. Filatov, E. Anushina , A. Stotckaia

6. A Short Review of Active Magnetic Bearings Practical Application. N. Polyahov, A. Stotckaia

Microwave Technology and Electronic Devices

1. Investigation of Geometrical Parameters Influence on Fractal Antennas Characteristics D. Babichev, V. Tupik

2.​ Thermal Balance of Tunable Dielectric Loaded Wakefield Accelerating Structure. I.L. Sheynman, I.Y. Sheynman

3.​ Study of Dispersion of SAW Propagation in Piezoeletric in the Presence of Electrodes. S.V. Nguyen, A. Osetrov

Quality Management

1.​ Process Management Model in an Integrated System of Information Support of Quality Systems in Education. Ju. Bachurina



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