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1. From the History of Electrical Engineering II: 18-th Century Electrostatic Experiments and the First Current Source Creation A. Mikerov


1. Adaptive Digital Filtering of Quasi Periodic Interference of Radar Video Signals B. Avdeev, A. Minina, D. Pshenichnov

2. Simple Algorithms for Recommendations Based on Analysis of User Activities Cyclicality D. Vavilov

Industrial Electronics and Automation

1. Development Methodology for Fuzzy-Controlled Fault Tolerant Control Systems M. Shestopalov, Ju. Korablev

2. Modelling and Control of Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator Systems with a Model Reference Adaptive Controller N. Polyahov, Zhang Yang

3. Mathematical Modeling of the Intelligent Control and Navigation System of a Mobile Robot A. Putov, M. Chuveyko

4. Power Management: Optimization Trough SCADA System A. Stotckaia, U. Munawar, D. Filatov

5. Creation of Adaptive Information and Measuring System Model of Harmonic Signals Parameters D. Filatov, A. Baydarov

6. Adaptive Synergetic Control of Electro Mechatronic Objects V. Kazakov, A. Repin

7. Research Methods for the Slot-Ripple EMF in Polyphase Integral Slot Winding I. Arseniev, I. Boguslawsky, N. Korovkin

8. Research Methods for the Slot-Ripple EMF in Large Double-Fed Machines I. Boguslawsky, S. Dubitsky, N. Korovkin

9. The Form-Factor and Ripple Constant for the Current in Three-Phase Bridge Rectifier Circuit with an Active-Inductive Load and Counter-Electromotive Force at the Output G. Tsitsikyan, A. Kaznacheev

Microwave Technology and Electronic Devices

1. Mobile Communication EMF Exposure at People: Rationing of EMF P. Korovchenko

2. Features of Formation of the Electromagnetic Field in the Air Environment of the Urbanized Space in the Presence of Metal Structures S. Apollonskiy

Biomedical Engineering

1. Search of Technological Ways to Improve the Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Quality of Life A. Grigorash

Quality Management

1. Determination of the Processes Quality Characteristics in an Educational Institution J. Shrayner



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