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Proceedings Vol.2 List of Content



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1. Enhancing Engineering Education through the University-Industrial Enterprises Strategic Partnership V. Kutuzov, M. Shestopalov, D. Puzankov, S. Shaposhnikov

2. Quality Assurance of Engineering Degree Programs through Public Professional Accreditation S. Shaposhnikov


1. Application of Harmonic Wavelets to the Analysis and Processing of Oscillating Signals D. Klionskiy, N. Oreshko, V. Geppener

2. Phase-Shift Keyed Signals: Extraction of Local Features and Denoising on the Basis of the Continuous Wavelet Transform D. Minenkov, D. Klionskiy

Industrial Electronics

1. Fuzzy Logic and Clark Transform Application in Frequency Converter Diagnosis A. Dmitriev, N. Saponenko

2. The Control System of Asynchronous Generator Excitation With Variable Speed Of Rotation V. Sheludko, A. Putov, K. Ignatiev, E. Druian

3. Simulation of Broadband Signals Filter With Adaptive Methods of Control Theory D. Minenkov, A. Stotckaia., I. Kanatov, S. Romanov

4. Development of an Automated Installation for Manufacturing Profiled Crystals of Thermoelectric Materials M. Shestopalov, E. Anushina, A. Putov

5. Modelling of the Multistage-Multilevel Active Frequency Converter by a Method of the Interconnected Subcircuits M. Pronin, A. Vorontsov, T. Nahdi M. Kouzin

6. The Indirect Adaptive Control Systems with Parametrically Customized Models for Control of Nonlinear Non-Stationary Objects V. Sheludko, V. Putov, K. Nguyen, A. Stotckaia

Computer Science and Information Technologies

1. Vulnerabilities in Modern Web Services M. Vink

2. Clustering and Classification Tasks Adaptation to Cloud Environment I. Golubev, A. Smirnov

3. Poster Presentations Management System P.  Smirnov, D. Mouromtsev

4. Mind Map of Software Company Knowledge N. Melnikov



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