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Proceedings Vol. 1 List of Content


Welcome Message from the Editor

Our publications:


1. The First Electrotechnical Institute on the Eve of its 125 Anniversary V.Kutuzov, D.Puzankov and L.Zolotinkina


1. On the Role of the IEEE in Developing Engineers of the Future S. Shaposhnikov

2. IEEE Technical English Program History Alexander G. Mikerov

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies

1. On-chip Near-Field Speckle Analysis of Early Stage Aggregation Kinetics in Suspension of Nanoparticles A. Soloviev and T. Zimina


1. 3D Content Production S. Sukhanov

2. Seamless WLAN Off-load of 3G Networks N. Amelichev, M Krinkin and K. Krinkin

Industrial Electronics

1. Quality Indexes of Half-Wave Rectification Circuit with a Shunt Diode G. Tsitsikyan, V. Kupaev and M. Antipov

2. Cascade Matrix Frequency Converter B. Skvorcov and E. Baygildina

3. Investigation of Rotational Rotor Dynamics Supported by Active Magnetic Bearings N. Polyakhov and A. Stotskaya

4.  Electric Drive Systems for Light Traction: Main Problems and Basic Decisions M. Schemelev,  V. Zilberman and D. Samokhvalov

5.  Analysis of Operating Modes of Asynchronised Machines for Pumped-storage Power Plants M. Pronin, A. Vorontsov and T. Nahdi

Computer Science and Information Technologies

1.  Hypothesis Verifier: Problem Generation and Answer Verification Using Open Data Arrays M. Vink

2. Pitch-Scale Modification in Text-to-Speech Systems P. Chistikov

Microwave Technology and Electronic Devices

1.  Wireless Energy Transfer Systems: State of the Art and Efficiency Improvement O. Vendik and D. Kozlov

2.  Theoretical and Experimental Researches of Bulk Acoustic Wave’s Availability in Angular Motion Sensors E.Gribkova, A. Peregudov and M. Shevelko

3.  Multibunch Transverse Dynamics in the Dielectric Wakefield Accelerator I. Sheynman and A. Kanareykin

4.  FEM Calculation of Coupling-of-Modes Parameters for SAW Devices A. Osetrov

5.  Nonlinear Spin Waves in Ferromagnetic Films: Applications for Microwave Signal Processing A. Drozdovskii, A. Kondrashov, A. Ustinov and B. Kalinikos

6.  Mobile Handsets Analysis by the Finite Element Method with a Two-stage Mesh Generation Algorithm A. Grigoriev, R. Salimov and R. Tikhonov

Biomedical Engineering

1.  Automated System for Research and Control of Biomechanical Parameters of Bone Tissues without Pathology and with it on the Set of Software Blocks O.Kormilicyn and T. Patrina

2.  Technology and System of Multiprofile Screening for Children and Adolescents V. Shapovalov and  A. Nemirko

Quality Management

1.  Influence of the National Quality Awards on the Economic Development of Countries J. Bachurina

2.  Assessing the Impact of Staff Motivation for Improving Processes at Executive Authorities Bodies A. Bespalova

3.  The FMEA as the Risk-Management Tool for the Hazardous Waste Control in the Context of the Oil Refining Industry R. Goldberg

4.  Current Situation with Personnel Certification Systems N. Kryazheva

5.  Quality Characteristics of Processes: Analysis of Existing Approaches to the Selection V. Navolotskaya

6.  Business Processes Assessment and Working out Recommendations on Improvement D. Pavlova

7. Quality Assessment of Business Process Modeling A. Plaksina

8.  Quality Assurance Mechanisms in Higher Education V. Rezvaya

9.  Human Resources Management in Russia A. Sakhno

10. The Models Providing Quality Software Development A. Smirnova

11.  Attribute Measurement System Analysis Approaches I. Pavlovskaya



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